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(License for medical professionals to distribute) Children’s Book Series EBook Collection


This listing is for 5 e-books… you will receive the 5 books in the series in PDF format.


Purchasing this collection allows you as a medical professional to provide this resource to your patients that are going through termination for medical reasons. This purchase is for the ebooks only, and you will receive all 5 books. You may also purchase physical books in bulk at a discounted price by clicking here.


A book series for children of all ages experiencing the loss of a sibling- specifically for families going through termination for medical reasons.

When Caroline was 2.5 years old, she learned that her baby sister wasn’t going to live.

Her parents, Joe and Katrina Villegas (author), had to find a way to tell her that the baby was going to die and wouldn’t be coming home.

They made the agonizing choice to induce the pregnancy early (terminate for medical reasons) when they found out that their unborn baby had a fatal condition.

They learned quickly how to talk to their daughter, Caroline, about death and what was happening, but it was uncharted territory for them and was a learning curve. They talked with child life specialists and read books. They learned the correct language to use around children when talking about death.

This children’s book series “Loss of a Sibling Due to Termination For Medical Reasons” is written specifically for families going through a loss due to termination for medical reasons. Katrina felt that the termination community deserved a set of books written just for them, as it is a unique grief journey for adults and children.

This series uses the correct language and walks children through what to expect during specific moments in their journey.

Books in this series

  • Our Baby is Going to Die. This book walks you through how to tell your child, in an effective way, of the impending loss of their baby sibling. It discusses many of the questions that might be running through your child’s mind.
  • Our Baby Died. There are 2 versions of this book. One is written for the parents that underwent a surgical termination, and the other is for parents going through termination via labor and delivery. The books walk your child through what to expect in their grief during these specific moments. 
  • Remembering Our Baby. This book is for after your baby has died. It walks you and your child through dealing with your grief after the fact, and ways to remember and honor your baby.
  • The Baby Before You Died. This book is for your rainbow baby- the baby born after a loss. It explains to your child that there was a baby before them that died, and helps them to better understand what happened, while also honoring their potential grief as well.


This book is kept neutral with regards to any religious beliefs, so that you can decide how to address your specific beliefs as you are compelled to do so.

Why this children’s series is special

Written by a mom herself that has been through a termination for medical reasons, this book series is exactly what any family going through this journey needs to read and have on hand. The books answer many of the questions that might be going through your child’s mind, in effective ways.

Highly recommended by a child life specialist, you can rest assured that this book series uses the correct language to help your child in their grief and to better understand what is going on.

Together, the books in this series are a complete look at what to expect before, during and after the death of a sibling.

This listing is for ALL 5 books in the series. You will receive E-books as a PDF when you purchase this listing.


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